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Many couples wonder: is a wedding coordinator really a must-have? Especially when Abernethy Center already offers extensive amenities as a full-service Oregon wedding venue. The idea of adding an extra expense for coordination might seem unnecessary. But let's explore why having a wedding coordinator could be the missing piece to crafting your perfect day.

WHAT IS A WEDDING COORDINATOR? A dedicated coordinator ensures that your vision is brought to life flawlessly while you savor the occasion without the burden of managing logistics. This provides the invaluable gift of being present, relishing the celebration, and embracing the love and joy surrounding you, knowing that every detail is in capable hands.

In this blog, I turned to Kassandra, our Abernethy Coordination Manager and a recent bride herself, to uncover why she and numerous other brides choose to enlist the expertise of a wedding coordinator for their special day. With her firsthand experience in both orchestrating seamless events and being a bride navigating the wedding planning journey, Kassandra has valuable insight into the role a wedding coordinator plays in ensuring an unforgettable celebration.

Even for a coordination manager, the need for a professional coordinator on her big day was paramount. Entrusting the responsibilities to another professional allowed her to step away from the organizational aspect and fully immerse herself in the day's emotional essence!


A wedding coordinator's job is not only perfecting décor, but also creating an immersive experience for the couple and their loved ones.

While mishaps are inevitable, a coordinator acts as a shield, swiftly resolving issues and allowing you to cherish precious moments without disruption. Yet, their role extends beyond emotional support; a coordinator's expertise and knowledge provide significant practical advantages for your big day. Let's delve into the pragmatic aspects of your coordinator's role.


Your wedding coordinator is an expert in logistics and a seasoned design aficionado. They delve into your vision, curate inspiring visuals, and craft design boards to ensure your decor reflects your desires. On the big day, they flawlessly bring your dream setup to life, striving to surpass all expectations.

Sarah envisioned inviting spaces for her guests to mingle and enjoy during the wedding festivities. To fulfill this vision, we designed a stylish yet inviting lounge area on the bar patio, striking the perfect balance between coziness and sophistication. With rentals sourced from Event Co, we curated an ambiance that exuded comfort and elegance. Additionally, within the garden, we arranged several areas featuring lawn games, offering playful and interactive spots for guests to enjoy throughout the celebration.

“Hiring a wedding coordinator was one of the best decisions I made. They made sure I had the wedding of my dreams.”

Tiffany - Abernethy Bride


Enlist our wedding coordination service to enhance personalized touches by suggesting creative ways to infuse your unique personalities and shared interests into every aspect of your wedding celebration.

Kelly and RJ's passion for travel took center stage in their reception, where we created a charming travel-themed setup. Each table was creatively named after one of their beloved destinations, weaving their love story into the decor. The unique and beautiful design became a delightful narrative, sharing their adventures and love for exploration with their cherished guests.

 “On the big day, it was such a relief to have someone handling all of the logistics, so all we had to do was relax and enjoy the day with our loved ones. I cannot recommend enough!” 

Melissa - Abernethy Bride


Utilizing Abernethy coordination services means having peace of mind for your Oregon wedding. Coordinators are experts in creating innovative solutions on your behalf, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience for you.

Corey and Damon, a well-established couple, desired a wedding theme that echoed their cultivated and elegant lifestyle. Collaborating closely, we curated an upscale celebration featuring sleek black table linens complemented by striking white flowers, creating an ambiance of romance within Abernethy's Abigail's Garden venue. When one of their vendors unexpectedly canceled the week before the wedding, we found a seamless replacement that ended up saving them a ton of money!

 “I’m so happy we chose Abernethy and got you to work with Kassandra. If it weren’t for our coordinator, we would have paid double for our buses, freaked out more about rain, not found hair and makeup for the girls, not found our DJ, and so on. You were amazing, and we appreciate everything you did for us!!” 

Corey & Damon - Abernethy Couple


We have three levels of service depending on a couple’s needs. Packages range from full wedding planning to day-of coordination and logistics. You can read more day-of logistics, partial planning, and full planning packages on our coordination page Here.

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